Lots of Decaf Coffee

This is not my picture. I took it from google images, but isn't it amazing the foam art some baristas can do?! I thought this panda was very fitting, considering we are in China.

Funny thing about Pandas in China, there's not many of them. And all the Chinese people I have asked about pandas have never seen one. I remember when I first came to China, I thought pandas would be everywhere, silly me!

I wish there was more to blog about. I wish I had interesting pictures to post of all the awesome things we are doing. But really, I have none.

Our days have been filled with lots of decaf coffee, sitting in coffee shops, sitting in taxis and eating out. A lot.

We have gone to the hospital numerous times, which I may blog about. We have met lots of awesome people. Had some great dinners with new friends. Ate some amazing food. Gone to the beach. Gone running. But most days, are just figuring out what to do when you have nothing to do.

It's been nice.

I haven't worn a watch in a month now.
We have no where to be.

We are relaxing.
And resting.
And sleeping in.

And it's good.

And I am trying to figure out what it means for me to rest.

I might start blogging about the things I am reflecting and thinking about.
Because it has occurred to me that the biggest parts of our life, you miss. You, as in, our friends and family and those who read this.

You miss the places closest to our hearts. You miss out on those things we really think about, talk about and pray about. And so, in a way, your missing out on really getting to know us. And, in turn, we're missing out on being known by you, and all your thoughts and ideas on the subjects.

And so, I say all this, as a segway and a heads up that I will probably be posting some more "serious" posts, things closer to my heart than delicious ribs or pictures of scenery. But we will also still post all the fun stuff, too.
Because in the midst of all the serious stuff, we are having so much fun. And we love it here! And some of the serious stuff is fun, too! Like how good God is to us. And how blown away we are by His continuous blessing and love for us and how He keeps showing us more of Himself. So, we'll just start sharing it all.

And I hope you keep reading, even if it's not always as fun and interesting as culture, sights or new foods.
But if serious is not your cup of coffee, by all means, skip to the next post, like chinese bar-b-que, which I am about to post!


Here's some more foam art pictures for you to admire, again stolen from the internet.

For some reason this is my favorite. Maybe because I love space, especially Saturn. Saturn's the best, right? All those beautiful rings!

Who wouldn't love some batman foam art?


Amanda S. said...

I'm looking forward to your "serious" posts. If you're looking for any topics, how would you compare China to Korea? Miss you guys here.

Carolyn said...

Heather.....Love your blogs thus far, but also look forward to the more serious ones if that is what you choose to write. I know what you are saying and understand much. Never forget that you have a beautiful heart. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope and pray that the trips to the hospital become less and less frequent. Still, there are things to learn and trusting to be done through the good times and those that are not as we would choose if given the choice. Never forgets who holds you in the palm of His hand! And, you'll always have my heart. Love you very much. Grandma Carolyn

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