Just a few Glimpses

We had a great day Saturday at the beach with some of our new friends! 

This sweet boy, Meric, is absolutely adorable and always smiling! 

         Playing in the sand! The beach was busy Saturday!

He's so strong. Not even flexing. 
I forced him to give me a "Sexy pose." :)So cute.
New flowers. :) Sweet husband. They smell so amazing!

Guest bedroom. There were 3 purple paintings glued to the wall that didn't match our new guest bedding. So I painted over them while on the wall.

            We are loving our red couch! Super comfy!

Check out the bowl of candy wrappers. Someone (Zachary) ate all the kisses but left the wrappers! He loves Hershey kisses!
Family photo. Haha. We kept trying to get Chara to look at the mirror but she would only stare at us. haha.
      Our bikes in the lobby. The only bikes we've seen in our         building.

                         Walking Chara.

               Our apartment building. 26 floors

                  Chara loves to sniff around.

Pasta with olives, capers, feta, onions, cucumbers,lettuce and roasted tomatoes and okra. Delish. 

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