RIBS! Korona Grill House

As a Texan girl, I'm always craving meat. 
I was super excited to find out a popular, American style restaurant here in Qingdao, had a half off rib night! 
I insisted we go. Zachary consented, because he likes food.  

And so, tonight for dinner we had 2 1/2 off full racks of ribs! (Shamefully, we could actually only eat half the rack but we have some for tomorrow now! And, though it contradicts our Texas roots, we are also happy our stomachs have shrunk since living in Asia!) 

We highly recommend this restaurant for any expats living in Qingdao! 

They even served us rolls with butter. Like any good American grill house. 

 Kansas style spare ribs.
 Memphis dry rub.
 Ya! Ribs.
 This bone looked like a vampire tooth.Grrrrrr.

We didn't get any pictures of Zachary but he was happy, too! 

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