Summer Fruit

Fruits and vegetables are extremely cheap and available year round in China. It's no surprise that summer fruit is plentiful in China, as well.
We have felt so blessed to have a fruit stand right outside of our apartments in Dongying.
Everyday on the way home from lunch we stop and pick some fruit up.

There is so many varieties to choose from! 
Here's just a few pictures of the treats we've enjoyed:

Mangoes! I didn't take a picture but I will tell you we have become obsessed with mangoes! They're simply delicious! 


You have to crack a mangosteen open just right.
You have to be careful not to get the purple flesh on your clothes because it stains.
If a mangosteen is past it's ripe date it will be near impossible to crack open.

Watermelons are everywhere in China. 
This watermelon below was only a $1.50 and she sliced it for us!

Dragon Fruit. 

This fruit is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Its taste is a little bland with a mild sweetness. 

It reminds us of a kiwi kind of texture and taste.

Litchi fruit is amazing. It is just like eating sweet honey. I think it maybe our new favorite fruit. If you haven't tried one, you don't know what your missing.

We have found that the mangos are amazingly sweet as well.      So yummy. Yum Yum. 

This is just random but it is a purple cauliflower. It was a nice addition to our home made stir fry. 

Anyways, we hope we made you jealous and hungry enough for you to  come join us and taste some of our amazing fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm. 

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Anonymous said...

I Love Fruit too. Just makes me want to go make some more homemade icecream..just can't decide which flavor. Well ok, lets go for PEACH..Thanks

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