SPR Coffee

SPR is our new favorite coffee shop! It is fun and eclectic and reminds me of some of my favorite coffee places in Austin. The best part about this shop is that it is very close to our apartment and right on the beach. 
 They have a huge pastry case of delicious goodies.

 Check out my new hot pink pants. I kind of dig them.

 Its a sheep made of coffee beans. Pretty cool.
 Fire place. We love all the fun little details here.
 Big upstairs, too.
 From the outside. The beach is right behind us.
 Zachary's coffee espresso and foam and marble cheesecake.
 Check out this ginormous straw. And my burn. :(
 Pineapple, yogurt smoothie. Delicious. No caffeine for me. :(
 Zachary's classic "drinking coffee, I have huge, penetrating blue eyes," look.

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Carolyn said...

Love the coffee shop. It reminds me of Mozart's somewhat. You two look wonderful! By all means, if you can swing it, go on the trip in August. The rice terrace hills are amazing. Love you very much.
Grandma Carolyn

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