Our new boss put together a camp for Zachary and I to teach at at the end of June, so we could make a little extra money.

Here's some pictures from the camp.
All these kiddos will be my students come September.
We had fun getting to know them!

 I know, these kids looked SO PUMPED!! to be here and taking this picture. haha

           My co-teacher, Alice, in the middle.
   Check out this boys beaded 90's girl vest.His mom must                    have really liked it.

 I was immediately drawn to this boy on the right. He looks exactly like one of my students in Korea. In Korea I was especially attached to my students. I am still brought to tears thinking about them. We were so close and with each other all day. This little boy, who has the sweetest spirit about him, looks just like Daniel! He was missing on Sunday and I asked him Monday why and he told me because he was at Church! That made me super excited! Later, I found our he is Korean!

                     Kids love taking pictures!
 This adorable little girl is only 5 and I'm convinced she's a really wise hobbit or something. You should have seen her doing tai chi! She moved her body perfectly during each motion and had such focus and control for the whole 10 minute routine.
 They loved playing on the chalk board during breaks.
This is Jason who lives only a few buildings from our apartment! His mom is so sweet. She has already brought us melons from her home town. She said she will take us to school everyday next year. 

 Adoooorable. I know. She's 5, as well. And really smart!
            Showing off their flexible, ballerina skills.

                     Scribbles and Chinese.
                     Zachary playing Thumb war.
                        Lining up to play games outside.
Usually, we would play game outside on the field, but this day we got kicked off for 15 minutes because it was the high school students exercise time. They do tai chi routines everyday.

One thing I noticed about these kids is that they all wore something different everyday. In Dongying, teachers and students would wear the same clothes everyday, sometimes the whole week. But these kids and the teachers we saw all had different clothes on each day. Small thing, but it's these little details I notice.

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Carolyn said...

Wonderful pictures of precious children. I know you and Zachary will do well as their teachers. How about the mom who wants to take you to school each day! Amazing generosity. Thanks for sharing. Love you lots!!

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