Yangshuo, China.

Hey guys! So one of our biggest China dreams, in fact it's at the very top of our list, is to visit Yangshuo!

We have been contemplating going in August for a week.
We are not sure when we will have the opportunity again.
Plane tickets are so expensive to get there but the train is very cheap. The only catch is it takes 3 days by train to get there!

The more we discuss it the more we think we will go in August! This is one of the best times to go and one of the only times we will have enough time to take the train there, spend some days exploring and take the train back.
It's super cheap to get there, stay there, and play there! So, why not?

We will be researching all the little details in the next month, along with finding a good place for Chara to stay while we are gone. Too bad she can't go with us!

I am posting this because I know some of you love doing research and exploring with us!

Any suggestions on what we should do/see while we are there?
Or any suggestions on cities we should stop off in along the way?

Right now we really want to bicycle through Yangshuo and take a day trip to the Dragon's Backbone rice terraces.

Also, we have heard that you can hot air balloon over the mountains! How fun would that be?!

Our train route would be,

QingdaoDay 1-17:500 KM00 0
2WeifangDay 119:3619:38183 KM29 CNY80 CNY 120 CNY
3ZiboDay 120:4820:51283 KM44 CNY95 CNY 142 CNY
4JinanDay 122:0222:10393 KM55 CNY106 CNY 162 CNY
5TaishanDay 123:0023:12466 KM70 CNY127 CNY 195 CNY
6YanzhouDay 200:1000:27549 KM76 CNY139 CNY 215 CNY
7JiningDay 200:5100:55581 KM82 CNY149 CNY 232 CNY
8JiaxiangDay 201:1401:21605 KM82 CNY149 CNY 232 CNY
9JuyeDay 201:4101:52630 KM87 CNY157 CNY 245 CNY
10HezeDay 202:5503:04688 KM94 CNY169 CNY 264 CNY
11CaoxianDay 203:3803:42736 KM99 CNY177 CNY 276 CNY
12Shangqiu SouthDay 204:2204:24793 KM106 CNY191 CNY 298 CNY
13BozhouDay 205:0505:08857 KM113 CNY201 CNY 316 CNY
14FuyangDay 206:2206:38961 KM125 CNY224 CNY 352 CNY
15MachengDay 209:4209:461197 KM150 CNY265 CNY 417 CNY
16HuangzhouDay 210:3510:401264 KM158 CNY281 CNY 442 CNY
17JiujiangDay 212:3712:491420 KM175 CNY308 CNY 486 CNY
18NanchangDay 214:4815:001555 KM191 CNY335 CNY 529 CNY
19XiangtangDay 215:1915:251583 KM191 CNY335 CNY 529 CNY
20FengchengDay 215:5315:581616 KM194 CNY341 CNY 539 CNY
21XinyuDay 217:2717:311716 KM200 CNY351 CNY 554 CNY
22YichunDay 218:2018:241775 KM203 CNY357 CNY 568 CNY
23PingxiangDay 219:1619:201841 KM215 CNY377 CNY 600 CNY
24ZhuzhouDay 220:3420:491922 KM219 CNY385 CNY 613 CNY
25LoudiDay 223:2623:422047 KM231 CNY405 CNY 642 CNY
26ShaoyangDay 301:4701:572155 KM242 CNY423 CNY 671 CNY
27YongzhouDay 303:2003:452266 KM245 CNY431 CNY 686 CNY
28QuanzhouDay 306:3306:372364 KM257 CNY452 CNY 720 CNY
29XinganDay 307:2007:242424 KM266 CNY465 CNY 738 CNY
30GuilinDay 308:5509:042487 KM271 CNY475 CNY 754 CNY

What do you think? Should we do it??

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Melinda said...

YES!! By all means. Don't miss the opportunity. And take pictures for us! :)

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