Pictures from Dalian

We hopped on over to Dalian for the weekend! You can read about our first night and what the heck Dalian is, here.
We had to stop by Subway to pick up a sandwich to enjoy at the beach! Tastes just like home.
Seaside at Xinhai park.

Little kid on a paddle boat drinking Cola.
Giant pigeon cage.
What's a park without pigeons?!
We found a great spot, right on the water, on the sea wall, to enjoy our lunch and chat.
Bought a new blanket to lay out, too.
Everyone loves to fly kites in China.
Awesome square next to the Fisheries University, where you can rent bikes and skates.
I was super happy to put on some wheels. :)
So cute. :)
These ladies were practicing a synchronized dance with a paddles and balls. They were pretty good. 
Tons of skates to rent for only 10 yuan. Less than $2. 
We rented a two person bike! We fell a few times at first but finally got the hang of it! 
Delicious fried street snack.
We decided to try our Lonely Planet's dinner suggestion. 
And we followed our handy map to get there.
Giant cabbage salad.
Auh-may-zinnnng ribs!
We found our favorite, spicy clams, too.
After dinner, we followed another Lonely Planet suggestion, Noah's Ark, a live music pub that's been around for 25 years. We made good friends with these two guys and played Chinese dice games together for a few hours. 

The inside of the pub had a fun, Austin type feel.
The last of the Fall colors on a foggy day.
Old Chinese Navy boat.
Giant Tiger statue at Tiger Park Beach
The Coconut man
Mmmm fresh coconut juice.
We had lots of fun in Dalian. :)

Don't forget to read about our time at the Dalian Natural History Museum

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