Off to Dalian

A few weeks ago we took a half hour flight, across the Yellow Sea, to the seaside city of Dalian.

We were excited to finally get to check out Dongying's new airport. The airport in Dongying only services a few flights a day to about 5 different locations. Dalian was one of those locations. So, since the flight was so cheap, and short, we decided to jump on a plane and see something new!
First night in Dalian, we checked into our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, compliments of Zachary's awesome dad :), and headed to grab something to eat!

Next to our hotel was a food stall street, where we found some delicious lamb kebabs for an appetizer!
For dinner we found, none other than, Pizza Hut! And man o man, it was delicious (way better than in the States)! Zachary fully enjoyed his 5 pieces of pizza!
After dinner, we took a walk around the city and enjoyed the colorful night lights.

We thought this ball was pretty cool! It lit up in all different colors and made a great sight for the middle of the traffic circle.
Giant Saxophone.
Check out this KFC. 

We had a great first night in Dalian!

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