Heather's Birthday

I felt so very loved this birthday. It was just such a good day. I was full of joy and thankful to be alive! I felt so loved by all my friends and family.

Zachary had lots of surprises planned for me through out the day. He got me breakfast, had presents for me to open throughout the day, and took me out to eat at a romantic, western style cafe. I love him.
Presents from the Mosby's. 

Finally found fried bananas at the cafe!  I've been searching for them everywhere since being back in China! 
He loves me. :) 
Catherine drew me this amazing picture of a white tiger, that looks great over our dining room table! She's so talented!
Juliette sent me this framed scripture!

I also received some sweet cards and other gifties! And lots of stored up present fun at home!
That weekend, the four of us went to Qingdao for my birthday! We had to stop by Pizza Hut! Mmmm.. Pizza becomes a "Mmmmm..." moment when you live overseas in a city with no Western restaurants or ingredients. 

Thank you to all my friends and family who wished me love and a happy birthday.
 I am truly so very thankful for each one of you. I felt so loved. And wished so badly you could all be with me on my special day this year!
Whoop! 23! 24! 
(hahaha. Am I really that old that I forgot my birthday??!)

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