Tai Shan Part 1

 Our 4 hour bus ride to Ti'an was pretty empty, so Catherine and I decided to stretch out in the back. We had just enough room. It pays to be short sometimes.

Justin and Catherine were excited about the trail mix Zachary made for us.

Chillin' in the bus. 

Zachary and I's room at the hostel in Ti'an. Zachary and I squeezed on to one bed. It was cozy. :)

I liked this wicker set and pillow.

We decided to go out and enjoyed one of our China favorites, BBQ. 
At dinner, we met Raphael, who stayed with us the rest of the weekend.

We had to stop by McDonald's and get a real coffee to help fuel our hike.

Rapheal! He is from Germany and traveling around the world for one year. We were happy to meet him and have him join us on our hike! 

 View of the street while waiting for the bus to Tai Shan. Check out these sweet trees.

A lady weaving away at a souvenir shop at the entrance of Tai Shan. 

Everyone had walking sticks.

Just giving it an extra coat. 


Interesting sign.

He's very cool. And mysterious.

Catherine and I trying a mysterious fruit?...vegetable?... that a guy forced into our hands.


I found out later that these were rutabagas!
We tried them raw, not to tasty, but cooked I'm sure they are delicious and beautiful.

We had to stop and get one of the famous "Tai Shan pancakes." Which are also sold everywhere else in China. It's a big pancake type thing, with a processed meat stick and green onion in the middle.

There were several temples and sights to see along the way.

A backwards swastika is a Buddhist symbol. 

All day people kept stopping and asking to take pictures with us. The foreigners.

Awesome wood carvings.

There were tons of souvenirs to buy.

Creepy babies in a bowel of water.

I liked these kung fu fighting baby buddhas.

We were still feeling very excited and happy for the first hour. We enjoyed strolling along and stopping to look at things. Little did we know we still had hours ahead of us of grueling stair climbing.

 Over 6,000 stairs! Which was more than 7 miles of stairs!

This was our view almost the whole way up.

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