New Oven

We, especially I, am super excited to now have an oven!
We didn't have one and weren't going to buy one since we are coming home for Christmas, which is pretty pricey. I will say that I was feeling a little sad not baking during the holidays.
But the Mosby's were sooooo thoughtful and gave us money to get one! They are the best in-laws ever! And now I can bake!
Thank you guys so much! We are so thankful and blessed to have you!

I have already made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, turtle brownies, pumpkin bread (with real pumpkins!), baked butternut squash, stuffed bell peppers, enchiladas and quiche! Don't worry we are training for a half marathon! (SO hopefully we are running off all this delicious baked food!)

Thank you!!!!!

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