Dalian Museum of Natural Science

We had some spare time, so we got to check out the Natural History Museum of Dalian. It was free and a great use of two hours. Lots to see.:) This is my favorite kind of museum! You know, the kind with lots of life sized things to look at and more interactive. I loved studying Archaeology in University but there's only so many pot shards you can look at before loosing your mind. I was happy this was not that kind of museum! Though it's a lot of fake, cheesy looking stuff, it was still really interesting and we had fun!

Mysterious Africa exhibit.

If only they were real.

Polar Bear and Zachary trying to be the polar bear. 
African elephant.
Giant scorpion! Yuck.

Great blue whales have always fascinated me! They are huge!
Great White Shark jaw bone..
A giant maze, like Harry Potter!
Do no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil. See no evil.

Check out our first night  and the rest of our time in Dalian! 

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