The Chicken Slaughter!(Video)

This afternoon, I went to the local bike man to repair my flat tire. He sets up shop right out side of our school grounds. He works across from the key maker, who's on the other side of the road. As I was waiting for him to finish replacing my tube, I see this....

The lady is weighing a chicken to sell to a man to the right of the photograph. (Now remember, all of this is right beside me on the side of the road, right outside the school grounds.)

So, I was watching her hold up this chicken and I was thinking this is like 'chicken to go'...but still alive. I looked around and saw all the feathers and I began to think that she might slaughter it there...but I saw no chicken heads...

So, then I saw her take a pair of scissors and cut the chickens throat....Well I will let you watch the rest. Ha. Enjoy!

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