Snow Day! Heather Happy!

December 7th, 2011 
Dongying: First Snow Day!!!

I was BEYOND excited to see it snowing on Thursday! I even started jumping up and down! Zachary was much more mature about it, but I know he was excited, too. ;) 

I felt so very thankful for the boost of joy I received when I saw those beautiful white clumps coming down, as Zachary and I were on our way to a Kinder open class. (Where all the parents come to watch. Kind of nerve racking sometimes.)
Thank you, Jesus!!! 

After class we got to come home and take Chara out to play! 

If you know me, you know, I LOVE snow! I LOVE the cold, probably for it's association with snow. Oh, and turtlenecks. And scarves. And leggings. And Uggs I don't have. Okay. I just love the cold, too! 
Why was  I born in Texas? Texas people! Did you know, that when the weather is cold enough, you can actually see the little snowflakes? You can see all the individual, unique sparkling little flakes and see their whole shape! They are so beautiful! Miraculous, actually. We never get to see that in Texas, since the snow is always melty. :) (That is a very accurate and technical piece of information. It's too melty. ;) ) 

Now, contrary to what those might think who saw my bedroom all through middle school, I don't usually like posting a million photos of myself (now). 
But I'll make an exception. :) Because, it's pure joy.

Right outside our apartment building.

Check out that bobby pin hanging out of my hair. :)

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