Half Marathon Training..Running

Heather and I are training for a Half Marathon on January 29th. We are both excited and have already been training for seven weeks.

Before I started running consistently, I never thought I would want to do any running as long as this or even be inspired to complete a marathon. But after starting, I see it is quite fun. Heather and I running together has been great. We have really enjoyed the exercise as well as knowing that we are running for a purpose, with a goal in mind.

It has required a lot of discipline. We have each other and our friends, Justin and Catherine, to thank, for keeping us going.

The winter has been difficult to run in at times but it is not impossible. We just have to wear enough layers.

We started our training with the Hal Higdonn Half Marathon Training schedule.

Check out the link:


The Half Marathon we will compete in is the 3M Half Marathon and Relay.

Only a few weeks left before the race. Pray for health and strength.

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