Tai Shan Part 3

The morning, at the top of the mountain, was beautiful. 

 It was so gorgeous to be abov the clouds and watch the sunrise! It was definitely worth the long hike and cold night.

Catherine and I got some ridiculously overpriced instant coffee for the hike back down.

Zachary found a walking stick.

We were super tired after the hike down. We stopped off to get a snack before our train ride back home.

The line for the train. As with most lines in China, there wasn't much logic to it. It really is a "fill in any open space"  here. The four of us tried to make a body wall across the line, so that we could all get on together. 

Inside the train.

The  next few days were pretty rough on our legs! We live on the 5th floor and man oh man, it hurt going up and down! Especially going down! I never knew going down stairs could cause so much pain, usually that's the easy part! 
But after a few days, our legs recovered, and still felt nice and tight from the hike. :)

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