My Reflections On Mount Tai

We  live in the Shandong province of China. We have been looking for things to see and we stumbled across a jewel. This mountain was a great time. Mount Tai is one of the "Five Sacred Mountains" of China. It is visited by millions of Chinese people every year. The mountain is famous for being a symbol of Chinese spirit and unity. A dozen emperors have paid homage to this great mountain before us.

The journey up the 6000 marble steps was grueling at times but an inexpensive price to pay for the breath taking sights of both sunset and sunrise. I watched the clouds rolling across the mountain side and felt the chill of the cold wind moving around the ancient mountain that billions of people have climbed through the ages. As I was standing on the top looking across the horizon of cloud and sky, it made me feel as if I was in heaven looking down upon the earth and seeing how beautiful it was. There was a great peace. A majestic power that made you realize how small we are and  how great the Maker of this mountain and of this beautiful horizon is. 

I woke up early the next morning around 4:30. My wife and friends in our small cold room still sleeping. I go outside to spend some time alone. As I look up at the sky, I can see the wind blowing the clouds across the mountain top and hear the rumbling of thunder and the howell of the wind. I walk up to the edge and quiet my self from thinking about how cold it is. I feel the wind blow against me. I feel at times that it will just lift me up and take me away. I worship the Maker with my praise. I tell Him how much I love him. I am in awe of His holiness. I feel as if I am Moses and the Lord is passing by me. I am humbled and fearful of the God I love. 

An hour passes  and I wake my wife and friends up telling them we have the time wrong for sunrise. I am anxious and hoping to get a good picture of the sunrise. Another half hour passes and still no sunrise...I feel like an idiot because I woke everybody up to early, but still I am excited. I feel like Peter as he jumps out of the boat to meet Jesus, But arrives at shore the same time as the other who just stayed in the boat. I setup my tripod and find the best spot to take pictures. My wife is cold and getting annoyed at me not giving her attention. She wants me to hold her. I want to hold her. But I am too excited. So I draw her near to my spot and hold her as we wait. We see some of the most beautiful clouds dancing across the horizon celebrating the start of a new day. The wind was like the composer of the clouds. Then the sun began to rise.

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