For His Glory

Before I start. I really hope that any of this makes sense. 
I don't often write "serious" posts on here but honestly I am more "serious" than fun.
I think blogging has made me more fun. More open to doing exciting and spontaneous things.
But really, at the heart, I am serious. 
I'm a thinker. And am constantly thinking. And so, for this to really be "my" blog,  I figure I should include other parts of me, too. More than just fun photos and food we eat.
{If serious isn't you're thing, you can read here instead. :) } 

Recently, we have spent gaboozles (ya. gaboozles. You like that?) of money setting up our guest bedroom for our much anticipated guests and adding to some of the rooms in our house.
These pictures have nothing to do with this post. But research shows, if I have pictures in my post, it will grab the reader's attention. So, reader, consider your attention grabbed. ;)
Anytime we spend over a certain amount of money on "things" I question why. 
{Not because I don't like spending money. On the contrary, I do! 
Really do. 
But in my spirit, I question.}

What's it all for? What's the point of making a room comfortable? Is it wrong? Is it gluttonous? How can I make my 3rd bedroom more beautiful when there are some that don't even have 1? 

There is so much to be commented on in those questions and so many further questions to be asked. But I'll stick to these. 

What am I using these things for? 
Am I using them to the glory of God? 
Am I using them as the hands and feet of Jesus?
And I believe, after surveying my heart,  after laying down all the crap about status, comfort and luxury, my heart is this, to glorify the Lord. To bless with what we have been given. To make a place where someone feels loved, at home and at peace. 
SO THAT they can draw closer to Him who is peace, who is love and from whom all blessings flow. 
I long to do all things to the glory of God.

This should be my purpose.
Because that is what is eternal.
And this is what will last. 
And this is what will bring me true, everlasting joy.

We don't find our peace, strength or joy in things or praise these things. 
But we find our peace, strength and joy in Him and worship Him for them. 
Anything I could ever buy will fade. It will decay. 
But the word of God, the treasures of heaven, my spirit and the spirit of others, these are eternal.

So, if a new comforter, a bowel of chocolates or freshly baked bread points to Jesus in the heart of man, I say, praise be to God.  
And so, in the midst of all my questions, I pray. 
I pray for our home, our money and our things, (all of which are His any ways) to be used for His glory and for His Kingdom on earth. And that He would lead our spending towards
 His glory & His purposes. 

Do any of you ever struggle with the 'why's' of spending money? 
What has God taught you in the midst of it?


Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

Lately I have actually been having many of these same thoughts about the where and why our money goes the places is does. I think you have a great outlook though about using these things to in some way or shape bring glory to the Lord. P.S I liked the photos :) They made the post fun!

Helen said...

I love spending money, but its no good for me :)
I think if you buy things that will truly better your own life or the lives of others then you are going it in God's name.
You are buying those things so that you can become a better person and closer to him.
Have a great day you two!

Kotryna Bass said...

It proves you're going the right way. Nothing is too bad about living comfortably- it's bad when it becomes the most important thing in ones life.

Ruthie Hart said...

You hit the nail on the head and I tend to fall into the same trap. I get frustrated searching for the perfect ottoman for our living room because I want more seating and guests to be comfortable yet there are people out there who don't have a blanket. It is a hard trap. Lately I feel like God led us to this big house to open it up to community, worship him, and fill it with His children. I've really been trying to focus on where I can give rather than what I can get

Elle Falconer said...

After every purchase, haha. That's just how I am, I have good intentions, but I'm just always questioning if it's necessary and if I can live with out it. Half the time the answer is yes.

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