Deep in the Heart of Texas

Hey Ya'll!!!

 For some reason I say ya'll on this blog. But really that's so different from my character and opposite of who I'd say I was. I am from Texas, so yes, I say "Are ya'll coming tonight?" 
But by no means is there a southern draw in that "Ya'll." 
{when I read that in my head I read it totally Southern, loonng draws, trust me people, that's not what I sound like in real life!} 
I'm from Austin and with that came a pride for me in my college years
 of being the least Texan I could possibly be. 
I took pride in saying no to a lot of questions. 
No, I don't have an accent. 
No, I don't wear cowboy boots. 
No, I don't listen to country music.
 No,  I don't know how to country dance. 
No, I don't own a gun. 
No, I don't drink Dr. Pepper. 
No, I am not necessarily a Republican nor conservative. 
No, I do not like sweet tea. 
No, no, no. To me, saying no to these things, was like saying, "I'm cool." "I'm different." "I'm waaaay more foreign and mysterious than all these folks!" That was stupid. I'll admit it. And you know what, 
since moving overseas I've figured out I'm pretty much Texan, ya'll!! 
{And I figured out no one else knows what Queso, Blue Bell, HEB and real Tex Mex is}
And for the first time I think I'm proud of it.
Here's the Texanisms I see in me:
{not that these are exclusively Texan}
I do like to give big hugs. 
And I will likely bake you cookies.
I am in love with a little heart breaker called TEX MEX and crave it daily. 
I have a second stomach for tortilla chips and salsa. 
{which is probably why it appears like I have a second stomach sometimes ;) } 
I LOVE to eat meat. I crave meat even.
I like beer.
My dad wears cowboy boots & Levis and my Papa says soda water. 
I have shot a gun, many times, and killed a deer, a few times. 
I do like big things. {That's what she said.}
Big dogs, big trucks, big racks of ribs. Big just seems better in some areas. 

All the no's above are still true of me... and I will always be a snow bunny and dread the Texas heat, but I think seeing Texas through others' eyes has made me fall in love with the big ole' State. 
It's true. Those Texan Fire ants are cray cray.

Foreigners seem to love Texas. Even Americans seem to love Texas. Countless of people said they could tell we were Texan because of how friendly we were. 
I had no idea someone would notice that and account it to Texas! 
I could comment on the many things I love about Texas, but since being in a foreign country I have thought a lot about Texas driving and seen tons of differences in the rest of the world. 
I love that in Texas when you let people pass, they wave at you. I love the fact that people LET people pass while driving. I love that people flash their lights at you to warn you there's a police car ahead. 
The world is full of crazy drivers but there is a lot of nice ones in Texas {that are all helping each other escape the legal system apparently... that sounds crazy}!
Texans are friendly and full of love. And I like that. 
I won't be waving a Texan flag or anything soon, but I will say, 
I'm proud to be a Texan.
{This sentence makes me giggle a little bit! Never thought something so Texas-ly cliche would come out of my mouth.. but it did.. And that's where we're at people.}

Tell me, 
What do you love about your state or country?


McKenzie said...

Ha! This made me laugh. We have two sets of really good couple friends here that are A&M grads and are OBSESSED with Texas. Like ALL they talk about/decorate their house with/etc. is A&M and Texas paraphernalia. It's ridiculous. Brian and I are always like, "NO ONE LIKES TEXAS EXCEPT TEXANS" and they get mad. Anyways, we DO love a lot of things about the tarheel state-- North Carolina, come on and raise up! Beach, mountains, rolling hills. 4 distinct seasons. Also, Harris Teeter over HEB any day :)

Leigh said...

I used to feel the EXACT same way! In fact, I still do not own a pair of cowboy boots or listen to country music and I actually live in Cowtown, haha. But I do love the ease of being a Texan and that being nice isn't like second nature, because it's your first. :)

Rekita Nicole said...

omg u dont like sweet tea?! what kind of southerner are you? lol...im kidding.

im ok with Texas, but I love GA better. Texas only has 2 seasons. spring and summer.


Vashelle N. said...

Love it! You know, I moved to Hawaii last year (from Texas)....and though it's not China, it can feel like a foreign country at times :).

I miss home sooooooo much. Especially when I have to hit up 3 different grocery stores to grocery shop. I wish I could have brought HEB with me.

Here is one of my old "I Miss Texas" posts if you wanna stop by :)


Take care, y'all!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

What an awesome post! I'm a Texan transplant (have lived in Dallas for fifteen years) who grew up in the northeast. Although I've clung tightly to my roots, I now realized that I'm a Texan too. I don't say ya'll or wear cowboy boots, but I have a wardrobe of flip flops that anyone would envy. I eat Tex Mex at least once a week and totally get the extra stomach for chips and salsa. They are appetizer, main course and dessert with any meal. :) Texas has a lot going for it but most of all PRIDE! And I'm proud to live here (just don't tell my friends from the northeast).

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