"C,c,c,c Currently"

That's supposed to be the start of a made up rap song.
Like, "C, c, c, c, currently.. what?! what?! Rick, ricka, ricka, ricka, ricka, what?! C, c, c, c, currently." 
It sounds REAL good in my head guys. It's probably gonna be the next single on America's Top 40.
Just saying.
Yep. Still wearing hats, scarves & coats in Qingdao.

My new blog friend,  McKenzie, who currently lives across East China Sea from us, inspired me to finally do one of these currently posts I've been seeing.  Check her Currently post here

Currently... chatting with one of my besties, Catherine, on gmail chat, listening to The Office & printing flashcards for class, while Zachary is asleep on the couch behind me. 

Listening to... Michael Scott's ridiculous, hilarity.  IF I was listening to music, I would definitely be listening to the new Gungor CD.

Reading... Ecclesiastes, Romans, A Time to Embrace & Committed 

Eating... drinking Merlot. Ate, Dak Galbi (Korean chicken bbq with cabbage and sweet potato) tonight for dinner! 

Cooking... nothing currently. :) Tomorrow I will be "cooking" our left overs from tonight. I love it when you pay for one meal and get two!

Dreaming... of traveling to Italy and Jerusalem this summer. 

Running... Starting a new 1/2 marathon training plan soon.

Feeling... like I reaaaalllly need to get into a normal sleeping routine before school starts Monday! A month off of staying up till 3 and 4 am and sleeping in to noon everyday... I'm in for a beating come Monday morning.

Missing... my family and friends. Missing them terribly. 
Wanting... to see them. 
***Not included in these pictures is all of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, close friends and family friends! We miss them all!! Can't wait to see you all this summer!!***

Wearing... Black H&M sweat pants, my fave comfy top from NY&C and a black infinity scarf I got for $5 on WorldMarket.com. Holla.

Pinning... Blogging tips!

Learning... that God is always faithful and always good. That He fills me. That He loves me dearly. Always learning this. 

Enjoying... vacation. Only a few more days so we are savoring it and enjoying preparing to go back to school. I love lesson planning and making flashcards! Excited to get back to the kiddos and daily routine!

What's going on in your life currently?

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April Robert said...

Love the book a Time to Embrace. How are you liking it?

McKenzie said...

YES. Learning always always about the faithfulness of our God. Love that. And also always missing family. It's hard, but thankful for awesome husbands to live these adventures with. And PLEASE, teach me your running ways! 1/2 marathon! You're a beast. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, sweet friend. So glad I found you!

Andrews girl said...

Oh goodness. Well, I just found your blog today! Happy to have found it, cuz we love travelling too! Guess Ill be stalking your blog now. You have been warned.

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