That time I got 40 Comments

I was perusing my previous posts and about jumped out of my skin from shock and excitement. 
One of my posts had 40 comments on it!!!!
{I know. This is like the Ush for alot of bloggers.}
I mean, I knew it was good, but I didn't know it was THAT good. ;)

Immediately, I felt remorse, for I knew there was no way I had received an email about all 40 of those comments, which meant there was no way I responded back to those 40 readers! Which of course sent me in the "No!! I don't want to be a flakey blogger!!!!!!" spiral.

So, naturally, I had to check out these 40 comments to asesss wether or not I had or had not replied to them, and what do you know.
About 30 of them were spam.
Spam! Dang Spam.
So, question bloggers, 
do you ever have this problem?! 
Is there any way to stop it besides having verification word on the blog? 
{I really dislike the verification words. It deters me from commenting on other blogs sometimes because it often takes awhile to load!}


Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

When I changed my settings so that I did not accept anonymous comments, I stopped getting so much spam. :)

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

If you go to settings, then posts & comments..there is something that says comment moderation? Click on always.... This will mean you have to verify every comment before its posted to your blog. You still get spam, but it won't post to your blog unless you approve it. Which is nice, you can just mark it as spam and have it deleted right away! I also like this because you see you have comments right in your blogger dashboard when you get them. :-) hope this helps! Its so annoying when you think you have comments and its just spam! :( happens to us all.


Esther Davison said...

Hey girl! I had to put comments to moderation ( not word verification) and that stopped most of the spammers. I still a few but those stinkers don't get published. Instead I manually mark as spam. Hope that helps! Esther Norine Designs

Chelsea Melrose said...

I woke up this AM to 12 SPAM comments. I was so sad and disappointed. I no longer allow anonymous comments.

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