Sunset in Tai Shan
obsessed with: Macadamia & Cranberry Kind bars- I'm going to make my own soon!
watching: I'll let you take a wild guess...The Office. Though, I do have Les Mes in the queue. Have you seen it? What did you think?
fashion favorites: Floral and patterned leggings, though, I own none. 
wishing for: More students to tudor. Say a pray ya'll. I have a classroom ready to go but no students.
listening to: Adele. I watched her Skyfall performance from the Oscars recently and I'm just amazed by her. Her voice is chill inducing.
eating: Chicken, stir fried cabbage and broccoli for dinner. Yogurt and blackberries for dessert.
can't wait for: Our friends, Justin & Catherine to get here! 
missing: Is it too soon to say vacation? (since we've only been back to work for 2 days and our vacation was a month!) 

*sippin: Water. Always water. Well water when it's not an iced decaf coffee or our morning juice.
*loving: Zachary. He just brought me some flowers. :)
*notloving: how incredibly tired I feel after taking a nap! I am just not a nap person I think! I'm a sleep 12 hours straight person. An hour to two hours and my body freaks out, like, "What are you doing!? We still have 10 hours of recovery to do!!!" Yes, my body does talk and refers to itself as we. 
*hearing: Chara chewing on a piece of stray paper
*dreaming: of a vacation in Italy 

What's your currently?


April Robert said...

Would love to make oat bars with you sometime. How is the juicing going? Have you learned some new recipes? After Thailand I am craving green juices. Their smoothies were too sweet for me, a lot like Jamba Juice. Where would you want to visit in Italy? That's my dream vacation too. Well...and all of the Mediterranean.

SH said...

Dreaming of a vacation in Italy - couldn't have said it better myself!

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