Dancing in the Dining Room

Hey gurl Heeyyyyy. 

We just got back from stuffing our face with slow roasted, ribs, roasted potatoes, salad & cornbread.
Plus, we drank the best beer ever. 
Then, for dessert we noshed on a hot chocolate brownie {& cookie. shh!} 
and a dominated game of Scrabble. 
Love nights with my husband.
I felt so happy from a night of goodness that I was jumping up and down and dancing in the dining room when we got home. Feeling good these past few days! Praise the Lord. 
And now, on to something completely off the topic of our night tonight. 

You know what else made me happy today? 
Fresh juice. We're addicted.
If you are what you eat, I'm a whole lot of ribs & green juice.

Have you guys seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?
I'm sure you have. 
But if not, rent it, Netflix it, do whatever you do, and do it now. 
It's awesome. 
And will for sure get you thirsting for some juice. 

We have been trying to incorporate juices into our daily diet.

Our ideal day would include 2 to 3 juices. A fruit juice in the morning. A green juice during the afternoon 3pm slump and right before dinner.
{Clearly we're not doing full juice fasts yet, considering I just mentioned all those ribs and brownies we consumed tonight.}

You can check out Joe's 3 day, 5 day and 15 day juice plans and read more about juicing at
Reboot with Joe. 

Do you include juice in your daily diet? 


Sara Lee said...

I don't juice, but I do, drink green smoothies. I need to look into juicing more. I know I would never be able to do a juice fast because of dietary restrictions, but I am curious as to hat all the hype is about.

The Coulters said...

Those ribs look DELICIOUS!!!

I do want a juicer but of course the one I want is so expensive but I really would love to do a green smoothie :)

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Ribs and potatoes. Yum! One of my favorite meals!

April Maura said...

Since we have been on our trip we have been drinking $2.00 (Singnapore dollar) fresh coconuts. So delicious and healthy. How much are coconuts in Qingdao?

Navin Menon said...

Hi thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I am following you back now looking forward to reading your posts


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