Lots of Goodness.

This next week on the blog is going to be full! 

Tomorrow, I am so honored to have Christie from
Satisfaction Through Christ  guest posting about how 
God is richly blessing their family
 by entrusting them with a
baby girl through adoption!
Tomorrow, you'll find out ways you can help make this blessing happen! 

Chinese New Year week is in full swing and I can't wait to post more this week on that. 
And the gazillion fireworks being let off deep into the night. 

And get ready because I'm participating in an iPad Mini Giveaway 
& Thursday that Raffle copter is going LIVE! 

We're still on vacation. And it's lovely. We're doing a lot of this ;), sleeping and relaxing.
And we are all Smiles. :) Shameless tag.
 We discovered brunch at our favorite restaurant, The Canvas. 
I wish I could have taken a picture of this goodness before I dived in, but there was never a chance at that. It looked amazing before I devoured it. 
Best part of that dish was that it included a glass of champagne. Ahh. The life. ;)
Zachary decided on an omelet, bacon, sausage, toast and potatoes. 
The potatoes were delish. We ordered more. :)
Zachary and the boys made a tent to watch a movie. 
I love having big tents and laughing children in our living room.
Makes me dream of a day we have kids of our own. :)
What's a Mosby vacation without lots of Starbucks?
Zachary found one of his favorite games ever, Risk 2210!
A shop near our house is named Move Pink and sells gelatto. I naturally have always thought this was Movenpik, the popular gelatto company.
It wasn't until the other day that I noticed it's called Move Pink and not Movenpik.
Oh China. They so shamelessly do rip offs. 
I've been doing a lot of this lately. 
Surrendering Time. Plans. Weight loss. Future. Jobs. Money.
 Love, love, loving this verse lately. Always But especially lately. 
Friends, if there is any encouragement in Christ, and love, fellowship, affection, compassion, anything good at all {and of course there's a limitless amount!} focus on these things. 

Not on fear. Not on money. Not on what you wish you looked like. Not on how you seem to fail at anything relating to a schedule or goal. Not on time. Not on how tired you feel.
 Not on anxiety. Not on money. 
Don't focus on these things! 
Focus on the rich, deep and beautiful goodness and love of Christ!
My adorable dream journal from my grandma.
Consuming a lot of green juice lately. 
That's probably why I look so hot when I first wake up. 
Bahaha. Please excuse the eye boogers and beautiful twin pimples on my nose and forehead.

Well, that's all for today folks. 

Except a question.
Should  I or should I not get a 
Facebook for the blog? 
All the research says I should but I'm on the fence. 
Personal experiences?? 

We love you all. Mwah.


Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful vacation, with lots of good good, which is s plus! After seeing the words, "I Surrender" I realized I need to put these two words all over my house, as a reminder. Giving up control is hard.

In terms of FB for your blog. I have a page and am still on the fence. The frustrating thing for me is that only about one third of my "fans" ever even see my posts. I think FB makes it difficult for pages to get views unless you promote them, which means paying money.

Sorry for such a long comment. Have a great week, Mosbys!

Jess said...

Love your updates & all your pictures! Your journal is so cute!

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