You Make Beautiful Things

How cute is Chara in this picture? Adorable. I know. 
We've been MIA the past few days because we had the privilege of visiting our friends hometown. These friends, our student and his family, have become our Qingdao Chinese family.
We are so very thankful that they wanted to take us along.
And so, the start of our 2013 was in a 5 star hotel {Can you say huge bathtub?! Holla!}, gorging ourselves on Chinese food, playing UNO with our student & his cousins, while becoming pro skiiers, in the small, quant Chinese town of QingZhou.
I will for sure be posting on that shindig in the next few days but first, can I just say, I miss you!?
I miss this little ole' blog. And I miss all of you readers.
Glad to be back. I can't wait to see what's to come in 2013.
I still have that list of goals I promised you. Don't worry. And I've already completed a few.

We spent New Year's Eve Settler's of Cataning it up at the fabulous restaurant, Canvas. We had a fantastic time, relaxing, chatting and playing games.
Our New Year's Eve was spent with this amazing couple. Denny & April.
Check out the adorable April's blog here. She's amazing, ya'll.
And I am BEYOND excited to see all the beautiful smiles in her 10.000 Smiles project.
I'd love to spend 2013 with you, boo. :)
We were the last to leave with the owner and a few friends. They had already locked the doors. What can I say? We party hard. ;)
What New Year's Eve is complete without an impromptu, terrible lighted band picture? 
Don't you just love these earrings? I am about to snag a pair! And I think it's justifiable to buy a pair of moccasin boats to go with them? Don't you think!? I wonder if Zach will go for that.... ;)  Like these.

My favorite part of these earrings is who they are made by and why they were made. They were made by a fellow Texan, Stephanie who is passionate about all things beads. I love seeing people live out their passion. Check out her Etsy store here and show her some love! Use the promocode BLOGREADER for 10% off!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday! 
We are resting it up at Xing Ba Ke (Starbucks) before we have to go to work tomorrow (Saturday, yuck!) for a 7 day work week!
Prayers are welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Heather, your blog post meant a lot to me !!
I have a lot planned and do hope to put more of the Indian style earrings on the site. I actually love that style so much and that type of beadwork is how I got started !!
I love the moccasins, wow, gorgeous !! I want them too !!
Thanks again for sharing my earrings, I appreciate it so much !!

Helen said...

Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday period!

katrice said...

I'm happy you guys had such a great time over the holidays. Have good week at work. Where prayers are welcome they are given so you guys will be in mine.

Rachel said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time during New Year's! And with CNY coming up, the celebrating isn't over yet, I'm sure. :)
Oh, and I think the earrings are a great excuse for the moccasins.

Lorraine @ Cookin For the Seven Dwarfs said...

I have nominated you for a Liebster award! I explained on my blog what it is if you haven't heard of it :)


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