A Year Ago Today

One year ago today my best friend Juliette married her love, Adam! 
Happy 1 year anniversary
you two!
We pray for many more anniversaries to come!We love you guys so much! 
When they got engaged 2 or so years ago, we were in Korea, which, of course, was very sad for me since I couldn't be there!

Juliette hid behind bushes taking pictures of me on my engagement day and I wished I could be a part of her special day in the same way. But the Pacific ocean is a huge barrier.
 Instead, Z and I, opened a bottle of champagne in celebration of their engagement and took silly pictures!

 J&A<3 4 Ever
We were so blessed to be able to come home last year and be apart of their wedding! 

Juliette was my made of honor and 3 years and 32 days later, I was hers. 
I am so thankful for this woman and so freaking excited that she has been married 1 year now! 
And to add to that excitement, Adam and Juliette, are pregnant!! 
Can't wait to go home this summer and see her glowing, pregnant face!
Congratulations you two! 
We love you both so much!


Sara Lee said...

awe, how sweet! Congrats to your friends!

Anonymous said...

you're the sweetest best friend in the world!!!!

April Maura said...

Heather those were some very creative shots to honor your friend.

Chrishelle Ebner said...

Following from the GYC hop. Such a sweet blog. Your pictures are beautiful. God bless missionaries like yourself, I will be praying for your family. cheermamadrama.blogspot.com

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