Salsa in China

Not the dip.
The dance. 
The chip dip would be ten times better. 
Okay. Let's be real, twenty times better. 

But the dance is okay, too.

Last week my awesome coworkers took Zachary and I out for dinner at an all you can order Korean and Japanese restaurant. Hello sushi.

My coworkers. Daisy. Alice and Crystal.
We enjoyed every bite. 
Daisy enjoyed her shrimp on a stick. :) 

Zachary left us ladies to ourselves and so we headed to a local hang out, Carnegie's.
We happened to get there right when Salsa night was starting.
Perfect timing.

Perfect timing for us to park ourselves in seats facing the dance floor so we could check out this salsa business. 

I chatted with a lady, who had the best hair in China, who owned a local a salsa school in Qingdao.
A salsa school in China. Awesome.
What's a salsa night without a sombrero?
I told her to open her eyes when she smiled. And this is what she gave me. :) 
Bad picture but if it was clear you'd see my coworkers salsa-ing it up.

I was definatey missing Zachary. You can bet, if he was there, I would have dragged him out there and foced us to try some hip sways ourselves. 

Word is they meet every Wednesday night for this Salsa shaz. :) 
I am pretty sure I have a future date night in mind.
Z will be so thrilled. ;)


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Thank you for visiting. So happy to follow along in your adventures in China! Meryl

Jessica Sweatt said...

My goodness - the food looks amazing, and Salsa dancing in China sounds like a BLAST!

lost in travels said...

that would be so much fun! i would love to find a place to learn salsa here in korea but i'm pretty sure i would have to be in seoul for that

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

I know you say the salsa's good... but MAN that sushi looks even better! yum!

Alison Clarke said...

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