2013 & Metal Marvels

Hey friends.
I just realized that for the past 9 days I have not once wrote 2013 and repeatedly have wrote 2012.
It's like my brain never registered that the New Year happened!
Maybe it's because I haven't posted on our Christmas, New Year's goals or anything New Yearsie yet.
Or maybe it's because I haven't  received my new planner in the mail yet.
Maybe I should get on all that.
And eagerly pray my planner comes soon!

Don't ask. Because really I have no idea what we were doing. :)
And now... get ready...
because Katie is here.

Hey hey Mosby's readers!!!
I hope you are all having a fabulous day
  I am sooo super excited to be here today!
 I just recently found The Mosby's and I already love their blog.
I love mama Mosby's style, and am definitely not jealous of papa Mosby for having to eat that pigs nose.
Also, can you believe they're over livin it up in China?!
 I'm here to let you know about a little somethin somethin.
  This is me: Katie
Some of you may have seen me before on other blogs for a giveaway or sponsor post
Talking about a little ol' blog I have called Girl on a Mission to Lose the Cushion
 If you're not familiar, here's a run down
 It's the blog I started to hold myself accountable in my crazy weight loss journey
But today I am here to talk you about something new, SUPER exciting, fun and GORGEOUS

 So a little run down about me. I am a broke, just recently employed, college student
 I am studying to obtain my Bachelors in Business Management
 I love it! I've worked in retail my entire life as well as managed a retail store
 Soooo I thought what better way to put ALL of this together then to come up with this...
  Metal Marvels

I know, I know. You're saying to yourself, "That means nothing to me."
 Well let me tell you all about it, It is an online jewelry store!
  My online jewelry store ♥
Shop // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Email // Marketplace Store
 I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry and I know what it feels like when you have that Ah Ha moment
when that piece you bought fits perfectly with that great outfit you're wearing
 Here's just a sneak peek of my jewelry for sale!

So that is what I hope to bring to you:
 That perfect piece for the outfit you're planning, an everyday wear, that fun whimsical piece of jewelry, or something that makes a statement or helps a cause.
 Some are handmade by others, some are handmade by me but all around GORGEOUS
 I really hope you come visit me and maybe purchase some jewelry to add to your collection!
 Also, if you go to the Marketplace store you can "watch" my store so you know when I have new items! LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU!!!
 If you go to my site and use code:
 you get 10% off EVERYTHING!
 Thanks for listening to me and taking the time to read.
  Love to you all!


Rekita Nicole said...

Hey, hope u dont mind I added your button to my ad swaps. Oh and did you know they have new movie theater in Belton too?


Anonymous said...
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Tabetha Garman said...

Hey! I'm Tabetha from The Closet Intellectual & a new follower from the GYB hop!


Evelyn said...

Thank you for co-hosting the GYB hop! I like Kate!

Have a super great day!

I would love to invite you to share any of your favorite posts at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop (goes live on Thursdays at 7pm mst)
Also join Let's Get Social Sunday where you can link up all your social sites and your blog to make new friends and gain more followers:)
PS Now following via GFC

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I thought I was already a follower! Well I am following now! Enjoy your day!

ChatterBlossom said...

You too are super adorable! Hope you have a great new year!
Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

Katie said...

Hey Zach and Heather!! I found your blog via Julie from this week's blog hop! I'm from the South as well, Georgia not Texas though. :) Thank y'all for hosting!



Camille said...

Love the pics, very cute :)

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