Panda bears & Twin Sisters

Hey friends!
How are ya?!
At dinner. At our fav, most frequented restaurant of the month. The Canvas.
Miss your face.
I guess I miss talking to your face. :)
It's Monday.
We are on our 3rd day of a 7 day work week. Lame.
But only 3 more weeks and we get our month long Chinese New Year vacation! Holla!
I'm loving this water bottle from my sister-in-law. Zachary thought my other water bottle was too big and then I got this one! :) 
If you know me, you know, I LOVE water. 
Can't get enough. 
So this is the perfect water bottle for me.  
One of my grade 1 students wants to be a scientist and has Jimmy Neutron experiments going on all the time with chalk, soft soap, markers, chess peices or with anything he can get his hands on! 
After retrieving a plastic dish with a blue, gooey mess oozing out from it fromOwen's desk, I found a few of these guys. 
The little scientist removed the ink cartridges and filled his markers with soft soap. ;) Genius.
Though Christmas has passed, I still love seeing these Rudolph's hanging in the hall way. So sweet.
Grade 1's gift from Santa. It's adorable watching them line up to go home with their hats on.
They look like a herd of panda's from the back. 
Cherry, making a typical Chinese pose. 
 We were beyond stoked to find our favorite Korean food served just a block away from our school.
Dak Galbi.
Dak Galbi is a famous Korean dish made of chicken, cabbage, sweet potato and a spicy, sweet sauce that's cooked on a giant hot plate. It's amazing.

We checked out the Dak Galbi restaurant with a few of our coworkers after work last week.
Have I told you guys I have a twin sister?
I'm actually disappointed at how many people instantly see how I took this picture. 
I thought it was trickier than that.  
I'm in love with this little deer. I ordered him online from World Market. 
He's actually a jewelry holder but looks much more at home here on our coffee table. :) 

And last but not least on this terrific Monday..
Ladies and Gents, please meet the lovely Rekita. Don't you love that name? 
She is one lovely army wife. :)  
Let me tell you a little about Rekita. 
She's been with her Army Officer for 13 years. 
She's the momma to two gorgeous boys.
She's expecting a baby! And has some awesome nursery color ideas 
and gives some great Mommy advice
She hosts a fantastic blog hop.
 I am such a sucker for blog hops. It's like a big party or something.
She's hilarious
And you can read all about her and her handsome men here.
Show her some love people! :)

Happy Monday! 


Lindsay said...

Love the little Jimmy Neutron student, that's too cute! He's clever!

lost in travels said...

Oh man! I love Dak Galbi! So nice that you can find it near you!

Rekita Nicole said...

Love this post, not just because i am featured, lol. But these pictures look great, and the picture of Cherry, is sooooo cute. Man it must be great living in China, instead of boring Texas (being sarcastic).


Helen said...

That food looks so yummy! I bet you're so excited about your month long vacation!

April Robert said...

I love seeing the pictures of your students and the crafts you did. Cute window reindeer.

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