Chara's Belated Birthday

So, somehow like a terrible dog mother & blogger {dog birthdays are total blogging opps ;) }, 
I forgot about Chara's birthday. 
All year I've been thinking about her birthday because last year we didn't get to celebrate it, but forgot again.
Last year, she was in a cage by herself in Dongying, while we visited family in Texas.
I really wanted to make her feel so special this year! 
But.. I forgot. 
Until today. Well, tonight really. 
At this point, she's asleep on the bed next to us. 
And not in the mood for a party.
But I'll still let you celebrate her & her sweet life. 
Buying you Chara was one of the best decisions we ever made. You bring us so much happiness & cause us to constantly smile. We love you!

Also, speaking of birthdays, this week was my amazing grandma's birthday. 
You should probably check out her blog and show her some love. :)
Happy Birthday Week to you Grandma. Love you so much!

Here's a post, from way back when, 2 years ago, when we first bought Chara. 

Chara: The Puppy of Joy
Well, we got a new puppy. Her name is Chara. Her name in Greek means joy and happiness.

"These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full."
-John 15:11

Our prayer is that our family would have our joy in Christ.
And that Chara would continually remind us to have that JOY!
Chara is currently two months old. Her birthday is January 20th, 2011. We bought her at EMART Traders, at Molly's Pet Shop, in our city, Jukjeon. She is very sweet and healthy. "Molly's" is similar to a small Pets Mart. It has a pet hotel, pet hospital, pet store, puppy school and a grooming center. Its very convenient and is super close. The day we bought her the manager himself gave us a ride home. Truly another act of how hospitable South Koreans are.

She really is a joy in our life. We love her some much already.
Here are some pics for you to enjoy.
Our little baby...
SOO messy!
She has her own room...spoiled
so cute...

She's a cutie! Just as precious today as ever! 
Hope she brought some joy to your life today!
Happy Belated Birthday Chara!!


Jess said...

Awe! She is the CUTEST!! I love her name and the meaning behind it.. So awesome! So glad she brings you so much joy friend. Dogs are such good companions.. I just love my little buddy! And your grandma has a blog?! That's the cutest thing ever!!! I am going to visit it!

Lindsay said...

OMG! She is adorable. Hope she has a fabulous albeit a bit belated birthday!

Becca said...

Hey! I have a question. My husband and I have been considering teaching in China. But how is it with a pet? We have an 8 month old dog who we would hate to leave, but if we needed to, would leave with our parents. What's it like taking care of a dog in China? Is it hard to find necessary items or a place for her when you go out of town? Just curious. :)

April Maura said...

Cute picture of Chara with the ball to the side. She is very photogenic. The crib idea as a pen is genius.

themosbysinchina said...

@Becca Could you send me your emaiL!? I would love to give you more information about having a pet in China & teaching in China. :) You can email me at heatherleemosby@gmail.com

Sarah Louise said...

OMG - so cute! Happy birthday to Chara! My little boy (5) has been leaning about China in school, I wish i found your blog sooner!

Just popping by from the blog hop, you can find me here: www.lookingasuare.blogspot.co.uk

I'm your new follower. :o)


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