Ice Ice Baby

Hey Gorgeous. How you doin'?
If you are here from Annie Sauce's January Group Giveaway,
Welcome! We are so glad you are here. Good luck!
Also, you should know, that this is what I look like in a face mask before you push follow.
You've been warned. ;)

I know. Super hot. Right? 
Zachary thought so when I ran around the house 
chasing him trying to get him to kiss me. 
You can't blame him for running. I mean, I did look like a zombie. 

But back to business.
The lake in our apartment complex has froze over for the winter. I don't know how we hadn't discovered it before now! As soon as I saw it I ran home to get Chara. I knew she'd be in heaven!
A whole frozen lake to run around on?! Heck yes!
I walked her down to the lake and without hesitation she jumped down on the ice! She had a blast running and sliding. She even climbed up the frozen waterfall. :)
I think that's awesome.
 It's been nice and hazy around here lately. Ugh.

I love watching her joy in even the smallest things. 

Speaking of ice. 
It's icy cold here. 
And coming from Texas, we knew I needed a new coat, pronto! All I had was a dinky pea coat, with a missing button. 
We searched and searched... okay, searched is extreme. More like we looked at H&M every time we passed by. But still, we searched. And just couldn't find a jacket that I liked, was warm enough, or that didn't make my hips look like the cup cake dolls. 
Ya, those. 
Which is totally cute if you're a child's toy, or have a cupcake under your dress, but not so much if it's actually your hips under there. 

But finally, at the grocery store, of all places, I found the perfect winter jacket. It's super warm, the perfect length, and is more flattering than cup-cake hipping. 
I know, you've probably seen it in other pics, but I haven't formally introduced you.
So, meet my new jacket. 
{Please ignore Chara photo bombing my picture.. and to lack of crop.}
Leopard print inside. Oh ya. ;)

She's keeps me cozy and warm. Faithful in even the coldest and windiest of weather. 
Hope you're staying warm this January!

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Blubtrflygrl said...

Cute. Can't believe you found a coat at a grocery store. I guess they do it up differently over there :).

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

OMG I used to have so many of thse dolls. They smelled so good.
and I have a coat like that, and I feel HUGE in it so I only wear it when its snowing :) otherwise Id freeze to death.

Irfan Butt said...

lovely post!

Amanda Reed said...

Funny story about those cupcake dolls... I had a blueberry scented one and loooooved it! Slept with it one night like you would a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and I got SO sick. Now I associate throwing up with those scary things hah!

Cait said...

love this post!! bahhh that face mask cracked me up ;) and that is why i love you and your blog!!

lost in travels said...

You're brave for letting her go out on that lake! I would be terrified! Oh and I love those masks! Just picked up some from Skin food the other day, I can't wait to use them!

Lindsay said...

Hahaha, I love the face mask photo!

Also, the frozen water is SO COOL! My Floridian mind is blown! It's 68 degrees tonight and we're all moaning about how we should put the heater on and it's absurdly cold!

Sierra said...

Umm I just found your blog. And I love it. Seriously. You are hilarious and adorable.
hope to see you on my end :)
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Gina Gebhardt said...

Hips are a good thing to have fyi. Very sexy for a woman to have hips

Gina Gebhardt said...

Hips are a good thing to have fyi. Very sexy for a woman to have hips

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