A little bit of This, A little bit of That

Hey Friends. 
How are ya?! 
We're on vacation.
Have I mentioned that? Holla! Have I said that already? Probably. 
I'm only a little excited to be on vacation.
Zachary's excited, too.

Currently, our days  are filled with these two hams. 
Today we made fruit salad and home made rain makers. :)
I brought out lots of fruit and let the boys peel them and chop them with butter knifes. 
Then we mixed in some yogurt.
Jack enjoying his fruit salad. 
We collected two toilet paper rolls, filled them with rice, covered the ends and decorated.
They LOVED decorating them.
They could have done it for hours if I hadn't stopped them. 
 Zachary, the lucky duck, got an Iphone 3 from a friend on the cheap.  He was so thrilled but needed to get it unlocked and, of course, nothing is easy in China. 
We had to make our way to Computer City to have the phone unlocked, which took a few hours. 
But now he has an I Phone up and running! 
Last week, I went and had a facial and massage! It took 3 1/2 hours and was fantastic. 
Except the girl told me and hour into the service, "Please relax as soon as possible. This is a place to enjoy. Stress is not comfortable." So apparently I'm stressed even while getting a massage. 
Clearly,  I need to work on that. 
More massages will probably help, right? :)
The massage was only $15 with their trial card. 
I found another Chiltina (the spa) last night and asked for another trial card! 
Guess what I'll be doing for $15 this week? :)
Check out this picture frame. I'm in love. 
My dad got me a gift card to World Market for my birthday and I went a little crazy.
Everything is so affordably priced that my $100 gift card went so far. 
Do you love World Market, too?
Living in another country, you easily see how you can get excited over the smallest of things that remind you of home. 
I got super excited to find Jolly Ranchers in the store. 
Even though I'm not necessarily a huge Jolly Rancher fan it's still a little home comfort. 
This is some AUH-MAZING home made body scrub that my dear friend made for me for Christmas. 
I can't wait to share the recipe with you. 
It is beyond easy and leaves your skin feeling fabulous.

Justin & I found a new way to play Jenga. 
I got in the shower the other day and Chara followed me in. 
Apparently, she likes taking baths. 

Have a great day readers. 
I love you!


lost in travels said...

i miss world market so much! you can find so many unique foods and decorations there! as you know, the decorations in korea are not exactly the same as in western countries. not a huge fan of gold personally

Katie Foster said...

haha, i love the dog in the shower. reminds me of something my dog would do for sure.


Ruthie Hart said...

omg $15?! Wish we could find that over here! And that last pic of Chara is TOO CUTE! I love it!

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