2013 Bucket List

I am writing our resolutions in a bucket list because
a Bucket List sounds way more exciting!
It sounds like something fun and adventurous and less dooming than a "resolution."
{Though my resolutions, that take work and discipline, are included in this list.}
A Bucket List is something you get to do not something you have to do.
If you fail to complete a Bucket List you're not a failure you just didn't get it all crossed off. :)
And so, I give you...

Let's Get Physical
1. Run another 1/2 marathon.
           We trained and ran one January 29th last year. We would love to do another! It's a great way to   exercise for us since we have a goal {besides loosing weight} in mind.
2. Complete a 30 Day Shred {30 days straight}
3. Complete a Ripped in 30 Days {30 days straight}
4. Take Chara on walks
5. Make strength training a life style.
6. Be able to do a toe touch!
           I was a cheerleader through middle school and high school. Every good cheerleader knows that you have to have some awesome jumps! That means, height, height, height. I practiced all the time. I was always working on ways to improve my jumps. And I was in great shape. It sounds silly but I really want to do an awesome, in your face high school cheerleaders, toe touch in 2013!

7. Be able to do 10 REAL {not the girly on your knees kind} push ups in a row.
8. Be able to do 1 pull up.
            Just one! Really, it's not too much to ask! I will force my arms to suck it up and get it done!

You are what you eat
They say. But I totally don't believe in that quote..But it just makes a good subtitle.
1. Do a 3 day fast.
2. Do a 7 day cleanse.
3. Go sugar free for at least 1 month of the year.
4. Try to make veggies, fruits, nuts and meat the majority of our diet. Think paleo. And breads, sweets and sugar special treats, instead of the norm. Make a life style change.

I don't like making spiritual "goals" because I don't think God is a to-do list. But I do want to be a better disciple and obedient child of God, and sometimes always that takes vision and planning and commitment.
1. Finish reading the Bible all the way through.
2. Cultivate prayer. Not just prayer through the day like I always do but set aside time for prayer every day.
3. Be obedient to the Spirit's voice.
4. Be intentional.

1. Pay off our credit card debt.
2. Save for Christmas.
3. Tithing.
4. Live on a budget and stick to it.
5. Trust God with our finances.
6. Save each week.
7. Build a savings.

Life Style
1. Go on an intentional date with each other once a month.
2. Fast together once a month.
3. Pray together every day.
4. Learn how to rest.
5. Read 24 books.
          I read so fast so this is really going to be the easiest goal ever to attain.
                     1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers Finished 1/1
                     2. Beginner's Greek by  finished 1/12
6. Progress in learning Chinese.
7. Get to my goal weight.
                  1/1-- 40 pounds away.
                  1/11--38 pounds away.

I am sad to admit it, but any one intimately acquainted with me at all already knows it, I am horrible at all of these things I've listed. I love relationships. I love to get to know someone and be known deeply. I love, love, love my family and friends. But I suck at anything that includes returning calls or messages and keeping in touch. I'm terrible at it. It's not because I don't love and think about my family and friends every day, because I do. It's because I just wasn't made that way I guess. Keeping in touch is something I have to work at. It's definately the worst possible quality personality flaw to have while living overseas, living away from friends and family.Thankfully I have incredibly patient friends and family. 
1. Listen to Zachary more.
2. Encourage Zachary more.
3. Pray for Zachary more.
4. Skype or email family once a week.
5. Return emails, texts and face book messages faster.
6. Email my mom, mother in law and  my best friend at least once a week.
7. Skype my family & friends more.
8. Be more involved in our siblings lives.

1. Grow to 1000 followers.
            This may seem like a crazy, maybe even vain goal. But I see how blessed I have been to even grow from this summer having 7 followers to now having almost 250 {in just 6 months}  and I know that all things are possible with the Lord.  Now saying that, in my own opinion, I don't think my blog has the amazing-ness to get to 1000 followers all on it's own. I'm not the funniest person in the world. It's not exactly a travel blog. I'm not making totally awesome recipes and capturing them with the camera perfectly. I rarely do a craft nor is there supplies here in China for them. I'm not an expert at anything. There is nothing in and of itself about us, my voice or our blog that would cause it to grow to 1000 followers. But I am praying for God to dream dreams and plant vision in my heart and grow and create this blog into something more than what it is now. Or stomp it dead if it's not apart of His plans for us.

2. Make an income.
           It would be an incredibly huge blessing to us as a family if I could make some money off of this blog. I LOVE doing it so it's not about the money. But if we could make money off of doing something I love, specifically make enough money to pay our State side bills each month, that would be a ginormous blessing to us and help ease some of our financial burden.

3. Pray over the blog and for blog ideas.
4. Post more often. Try for 5 times a week.
5. Share more of the deep stuff.
6. Make a link up.
7. Improve the design.
8. Do well promoting and encouraging the bloggers on my sidebar each month.

Just For Fun
1. Throw a completely awesome party.
2. Go skiing.
3. Go fruit or vegetable picking.
4. Swim in the ocean.
5. Hike a mountain.
6. Take a real trip.
7. Have a Harry Potter Marathon with friends. And make butter beer.
8. Host a wine party.
9. Make a pie or cobbler from scratch.
10. Learn how to use my sewing machine.
11. Learn how to use my bread maker.
12. Make our 3rd bedroom into our Jesus time, office area.
13. Get a juicer and do a juice fast.
14. Plant some vegetables.
15. Go to the Great Wall.
16. Go dancing.
17. Ride our bikes.
18. Hike Fu Shan.
             The mountain in our back yard.
19. Have a Christmas party.
20. Sell something at the Christmas fair.
21. Travel somewhere in China.
22. Wear a bathing suit.
               This one and the next 2 would be huge victories for me. 
23. Wear a tank top.
24. Wear shorts.
25. Go to the Qingdao Polar Ocean World.
26. Take Chara to the ocean.
27. Take a family's pictures.
28. Create a solid lesson plan and vision for next year at school.
29. Make something.
30. Have a baby. Psych! Practice making babies. Alot. ;)

And in all things-- 
We will pray and seek to do them all to the Glory of God.

**All pictures were taken from Pinterst & can be clicked on to view their original sources via Pinterst.**

1 comment :

April Maura said...

I loved this post. Thanks for sharing your goals with us.

(Exercise): I still highly recommend you check out our crossfit gym. The instructor will help you meet your goals. He changed the earlier workout time to 4pm. The other one is at 7:30pm.

(Lifestyle): How are you going to go about getting better in Mandarin? What keeps you motivated?

(Just for fun): I am interested in going fruit/ vegetable picking with you. I heard in Qingdao blueberry is really popular in the spring. I would love to do that with you.
Oh...I am interested in trying butter beer. I love the Harry Potter series.
Will you be posting juicing recipes here on your blog?
Denny and I too want to take some family pictures this spring. If you find a good photography you like please give us there information too!

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