Catherine's Baby Shower Invites

My sweet friend, Catherine, is having a baby this summer, and I had the great privilege of hosting her baby shower. Hosting her shower, of course, got me super pumped for baby!  I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate his coming than to throw a party for him and his momma! I LOVE throwing parties and Baby E coming was more than an excuse to throw one. Apart of every good party, are the invitations! They are the first things people see & set the tone for the rest of the party! When people saw Catherine's invites, I wanted them to get excited about the shower and, of course, come! 
Thankfully for me, picmonkey.com exists. Without pic monkey I would have literally been clueless on the invites. Or I would have resorted to writing them on scratch paper or something. Yes, yes,  I know, I could have just sent out an Evite, but being in China, I feel like I want to cling and recreate anything that reminds me of home. And at home baby showers often equal cute invites! 

^The front of the invite
The back of the invite^.
I whipped these up (Whipped, I use lightly, as this did take me quite a while, I'm no expert!) on Picmonkey and purchased the elephant JPG's and PNG's from igivelove on Etsy. I bought those here.  I loved these elephants! They fit the colors, patterns and theme perfectly!

In the invites I also (created on Pic Monkey) included a map, 
and a taxi card, business card size, for people to show their taxi drivers on the way. 
Thankfully, everyone found their way! 
Also, on Pic Monkey I was able to create these labels, that I then cut out, pasted elephants on, and used as food toppers. 
Included with each invite I also printed "Baby E's Wish List" and wrote a personalized list, based on Catherine's wish list, on what Baby E needed. 

I had the the invites and taxi card printed at a photo shop on photo paper and everything else I printed and cut at home. I glued the front and back of the invite photos together, piled everything up, clipped them with a paper clip and tied it all up with a ribbon. 
The final product. 
Over all I was really pleased with the final product and hope Catherine and there other ladies loved them! 
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Beka said...

super cute! I'm sure your friend appreciates all the effort you put into her new baby arriving.

Ike BabyShowers said...

How, I love this elephant theme, the printables came out perfectly. I wonder if baby showers will ever catch on in China.

Anusha A said...

Very sweet baby shower invitations! I love the theme and bookmarked your site for my future reference!

SaiKeerthi sudha said...

This is one of the coolest and creative baby shower invitation, i've seen.
Lovely creation!

Sudha Rani said...

Its fantastic ! I loved the idea. This is the best baby shower invitations.

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