An Art Show

This past weekend we attended the Young Artists of the Year 2014 art show. By attended, I mean we went to, by Young Artists of the Year, I mean really young! There was art displayed from ages 4 to 18. There was even noodle art on display, super cute!
 The whole event was put on by our sweet friend Bruna for one of the local international schools. The exhibit showcased their students work to be judged by a group of judges. All the proceeds from the event went to a Chinese orphanage. We bought a few of these raffle tickets once we got there.
 And.....spoiler alert: We won all the above!! :) We are super excited! I know cans of soup, peanut butter and cereal may not look like much to you Western readers, but let me tell you, this is hitting the gold mine here.
 I loved these little taxi books that YCIS (the International school) made! They are filled with local attractions, restaurants and stores with their English and Chinese name & address to show taxi drivers. Such an awesome idea as a welcome gift for people who are moving overseas!
 Dave, Bruna's husband, giving Zachary the verbal tour of the art work.
 Dave, from the States, and Bruna, who put on the event, from Brazil. 
Zachary and I really loved this piece of art. It's about taking exams but we think it would be awesome if the book was instead in the shape of a heart with God's love & redemption type words, the hands were pierced, and the stuff running down was blood with lists of sins. Maybe we'll have to recreate it!
 Loved this, a sketch of all the different main attractions in major Chinese cities, Qingdao's May 4th Square tornado at center.
 Such a beautiful picture but dark. I really love the eyes.
 Nicole, Erin and Rosanna rocking the event by helping Bruna work the booths.
 Qingdao and Street food
 Bruna made these delicious bon bons for sale.
There were a bake sale booth with tons of goodies with all the proceeds going to the charity.
The children who attended the even got a real treat! I was a little jealous I'm not gonna lie! They have tons of fun colors, paints and glitter to create a masterpiece on their own square of canvas.
Fracasse de frango! Delicious Brazilian food was available for lunch! I'm definitely going to look for the recipe online! It was awesome.
The little guy was all ham. He kept coming over and playing with Zachary, when he saw Zachary was interested in playing, he ran away and came back quickly, decked out in glitter and glasses for Zachary's viewing approval. So cute!

We had a great time! Thanks Bruna for all the hard work you put into this and for your huge heart for Chinese orphans!
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Rachel said...

Aww, that looks like a fun little event, and the prizes you won from the raffle are awesome in a very practical way, who could ask for more than that?

chalayn said...

That does look like fun! In school I was always in art class so this kind of stuff really makes me reminisce. :)

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