The Lady Sun Coffee

Coffee & Tea Street is a famous street in Qingdao that is lined with, take a guess....guessing? That's right, coffee shops! Coffee shops and Italian restaurants fill this street, which I must say, makes it quite a nice street to hang out on. Delish! At any time you can order an authentic style Italian pizza, baked in a stone oven, by an Italian or an amazing coffee. There are so many coffee shops to choose from, so I thought I'd help the locals & future Qingdao visitors out, by reviewing a few.  
Qingdao Coffee Street Reviews: Today we have The Lady Sun Coffee! 
Not a bad deal! 
The inside is super cozy and inviting. 
 The Lady Sun coffee shop and with every drink we ordered, to Korean style, they brought us out "service." We had forgotten how much we enjoyed & appreciated that in Korea. They brought us the most delicious little treats that paired so well with our cappuccinos and later our caramel macchiatos. Service in Korea comes in all forms depending on where you are. If you are at a Skin Care store you will get "service" of BB cream packets, face masks, etc. If you are at a restaurant, you will receive some side dish or drink as service. At coffee shops, it's usually little snacks. Love it.
 Their caramel macchioto was one of the best ones we've ever had.
 We did The Lady Sun Coffee right. That's what she said. What I mean is, we enjoyed every minute of our time there relaxing and doing what we love to do; reading, journaling, blogging, talking and drinking coffee.
 The top floor is lined with windows, making their window couches the perfect place to people watch. I prefer to read and journal over people watching, though.
 I loved all the little details in the shop, from the chandeliers to the cute decorations.
 Please excuse me while I swoon over these red antlers. Antlers as a lamp, love it. Every where you go in this little coffee shop, there is great lighting, comfy chairs and a cozy ambience.

Do you live in Qingdao? Have you been to Lady Sun Coffee? What did you think?

The Deets
Located on Min Jiang Er Lu (Coffee & Tea Street) 
Directly past Cafe Bene but before Vito's & Joy's Bar
Average drink price 30 yuan
They also serve sandwiches, breakfast, desserts and wine. 
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minttu karjalainen said...

Wow! Looks really nice :) I'm not a coffee person but those cookies look wonderful

chalayn said...

Dude... I want "service"! And that place looks awesome.

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