His & Her Style: Black & White

In Asia, it is not an uncommon site to see matching couples. Here in Asia they match to the tee. Matching shirts, pants, shoes and hats. I've even seen matching underwear sets for sale. They wear the exact same thing. It's precious, really. (Unless you're that couple that I saw wearing matching Satan shirts, that, not so precious.) It's a statement to the rest of the world that they are an item, a couple, unashamed to look exactly the same. They're in love people. While Zachary and I are certainly in love, we're not alway ready for the full on matchy-matchy. Besides hats. We always match hats. Because that's super cool & hipster. But back to the point, what Zachary and I never do but really should always do is coordinate. If we lived in America, we'd run out to Target right now if there was some buckaroos in the account and if Zachary said it was A okay and buy these looks, and then have some fabulous date after. It would probably include wine & cheese cake after, too.

$18 // $23.99 // $26.99

You guys. I LOVE this look. The purse and shoes have got me hooked. Any black dress would do with them really. I'd pair this with black leggings because I always pair dresses with black leggings. Which has nothing to do with this. Okay. Yes, yes, it does. 
button up // hat // shoes // similar tie
$22.99 // $5.98 // $39.99 // $6.98

The white shirt could also be traded out for the black above, with khakis or jeans, what ever the man of the house desires. Or what ever the woman of the house lays out/buys for him. ;) I really love the fedora & the oxfords. Completely Z's style. 

All the above can be found at your local (jealous, so jealous) Target or online at your fingertips at Target.com. Holla. Get both looks above for $150 less. 

Not paid, asked or offered anything to write this post. Will someone please pay, ask or offer me something? ;) Just love Target like the majority of women age 12 to 99.  
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Rachel said...

I feel like I will most likely at least buy Angel and I matching shirts one time. :P I do think that tradition is cute, it makes me smile.

chalayn said...

Matching outfits? My husband would never! I tease him a lot about wearing matching outfits (see him get dressed, come out in something similar and say "twinners!" Mwahahaha!) but, in truth, I don't want to wear matching outfits either. But more power to those that do!

And, yes, if you find someone to pay you for doing this please send them my way too. ;)

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