Just a few homies seeing Captain America.
A bunch of random pictures that is. The above is a picture at our favorite, Sea Horse Sushi. It's amazingly good. Their Udon Noodle Hot Pot puts me in instant bliss.
Sometimes we take friends to have sushi with us, too. :)
Elevator kisses. I know. I know. Gag me. Right? 
A watermelon margarita, yum and yummer.
A mango daiquiri. I'm feeling very Thailand with these drinks.
Fire works, fire works!
Oh my goodness. Did she really put ANOTHER kissing picture in this post?! I did friends. I did. I know, I'm ridiculous. But we never have those. I try. I really try. But they always turn out weird and awkward. Still awkward? Shucks! Who takes pictures while kissing?!
So, a few weeks ago my students and I found some ginormous and beautiful strawberries at the fruit stand outside of our house. We promptly bought them and were inspired to make some chocolate covered strawberries which led to the above. The chocolatation of Zachary's face. The girls were very pleased with their work.
We rolled those babies in sprinkles, heath bar pieces and mint pieces. They are delish.
Roomie enjoying a strawberry.
Last but certainly not least, actually the best, Chara in my school vest.
Presh to the iss. 
The girls' got hips. She get's it from her momma. 
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chalayn said...

Oh my goodness, Chara! I've missed seeing her beautiful face, her pink tongue, and her wide, birthing hips! ;)

Rachel said...

Oh yum--those chocolate strawberries look pretty awesome!!

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