Date Night: Coffee & Italian

As I mentioned previously, we try to have a set aside time & date night together each week. This is especially important for us now that we have a room mate & a pretty full schedule each night of the week. This past week we choose to use our day off for the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday as our date day.
We headed to a coffee shop on Coffee Street to do what we love to do best together, relax, spend time with Jesus, read and blog, in a coffee shop. It's kind of our ideal day.
Date night attire, or "what I wear most days" basically, attire.
The wine bar next to Coffee Street was having a deal on their wine! 3 bottles for only 100 yuan. This is a fantastic deal so we picked up 3. We enjoyed our 33.33 yuan bottle of wine over dinner and skipped out on the restaurants 300+ yuan wine. Unfortunately, we left the other 2 bottles in the taxi on the way home! Shucks! But our 100 yuan wine still was cheaper than the restaurants!
We split a Regina pizza, mushrooms & ham. Delicious! I so love Italian style pizza. It's thin crust but not the kind you get from fast pizza places. I find the thin crust at Papa Johns and Pizza Hut is very crisp, like a cracker, true Italian style, is flimsy & delicious.
After dinner dessert consisted of my favorite, panna cotta. I am fighting to persuade myself  NOT to make a batch of these at home. I've looked up the recipe and it's ridiculously easy! One day, I'll cave, and tell you all about it.
Happy Date Night boo! 
Do you take date nights with your booga-boo? What do you guys do?
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chalayn said...

You look so cute! I'm glad you two had a great night out. I'm a little confused though... "Tomb Sweeping Day"? Did I miss a post explaining that? Is that a Chinese thing? :)

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