Loata Thai Coffee Farm

As I mentioned previously, on our road trip along highway 107 in Northern Thailand we stopped off at a coffee farm. This was so exciting for us because it has always been one of our dreams to own a coffee shop & work closely with the plantations. With our love for coffee comes a love for all things coffee, from seed to cup. So, we are very interested in the farming aspect of coffee culture. I was super fortunate to have visited a coffee farm while in Costa Rica in high school. 
As we were driving, I started seeing lush green plants on the side of the hills as we got further into north Thailand and because of my time in Costa Rica, I knew what they had to be. Coffee plants!  
We visited a coffee shop that was advertised for every mile for the 10 miles leading up to it. We were filled with suspense as to what this Laota Coffee House was since there were so many signs.
Once inside it seemed like just a normal coffee shop, in the middle of no where, filled with Thai people but we had honed in on those advertisements. In the corner of the ads we had noticed a picture of coffee cherries. We eagerly asked the baristas what that was all about and found out that they had a coffee farm up the road. We excitedly asked if we could check it out, to which they said, "Yes!"
After saying hello to these cuties, we headed down the road and found the small coffee farm. Since it wasn't harvesting season the farm was completely empty so we had it all to ourselves. 
Most of the cherries had been picked already but thankfully we found a few for Zachary to get a look at them. 
Next door to the coffee farm
We loved walking around the deserted farm and taking in all the sites and imagining what all the plants looked like in season. This small coffee farm was such a surprise to us and just another reason why we were so thrilled to get on the road and explore some of Thailand for our self. 
Have you ever been to a coffee farm or coffee plantation? What did you think?
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chalayn said...

That looks like fun! I LOVE farms! Whenever I get the chance to wander around a farm, I'll take it. I also think vineyards are really beautiful (even though I don't like the taste of wine - I'm not very classy.).

I've never been to a coffee farm before but that looks like a neat place. Thanks for sharing! :)

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