The Huadong Winery: A European Escape in Qingdao

At the start of the month, Zachary and I took Catherine and Justin to Qingdao's Huadong Winery for Justin's birthday present. Justin is a quality time lover so we knew a day out all together would be the perfect birthday present for him. Zachary and I had visited the winery once before, while living in Dongying, and loved it. We knew Justin and Catherine, having just gotten married at a winery 6 months before, would appreciate it as much as we did. 
We were so excited to return. We went 2 years ago and you could tell that the staff were very excited with all the awesome improvements and changes that had taken place with their wine though it tasted just as good as before to us. Huadong wine is our favorite Chinese wine and one of the only wine's we do buy in China. We love the taste and love that it's local. 
The Huadong Winery was the first European Style Chatteu built in China. It's gorgeous. While we were there we truly forgot we were in China. The surroundings are stunning. Lao Mountain fills the Chateau's backdrop and it's lawn is filled with flowers and grape vines.
A wine tasting is included in the 50 yuan per person ticket. Which of course is always fun. Of course it would be more fun if it were free, just saying. ;) We enjoyed a white and a red in the Chateau's sun room.
The Winery was founded in 1985 by an Englishman, Michael Parry. The staff here are so proud of Michael Parry and affectionately refer to him as their "father."
Roses lined the property and bordered the grape vines to aid in pollination. Can you see the bumble bee inside this pink rose? 
After our wine tasting we roamed the property. There were tons of  ponds, fountains, statues, small lakes, orchards and tons of sculpted tables and chairs through out the property as places to sit and take in the surroundings.
Black Swans. Can you an vaguely see a turtle to the right of the third swan? He was a brave guy. They were all so eager for food!
There's that turtle again, swimming in between the two.

Catherine. :)
Roses. :)
This is what happens when Zachary and I try to take a picture together with our 30 mm. :)
That's better. :) 
Grapes hanging. They were delicious! Thankfully Catherine and I have some tall husbands who jumped up and grabbed them for us to taste. :) They then had grape races to see who's grape could roll the fastest. They're awesome. 
Justin and Catherine stopping to take a picture together. Cute. 
Just making music. 
The birthday boys goofing around.
A man among barrels. 
Couples' shots. 
Catherine and I are super mature, so we insisted Zachary take pictures of us with these booby-fied sculptures. I think Catherine is a tour guide and I'm a grape eating statue in this one.
Justin posing while feeding Catherine grapes, on a bull, in a vineyard. Totally normal. Just the hard life in China.
All of Us.

After we roamed around the beautiful property, we opened a few bottles of wine and had a picnic at one of the outdoor tables. We had such a good time! We love these two and so enjoyed a restful day with them. Thank you Lord for making such amazing people, good wine and beautiful scenery! 
You are worthy of all praise. 

Our day most definitely ended in cartwheels. And I will most definitely have to show you those as soon as I figure out how to make GIF's. :) Any help?


Catherine said...

It really was an awesome day!! Great pics! :)

April Robert said...

WOW, that place is incredible; I wish we had known of that place sooner.

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