Nap Time in China

In China, naps are necessities. Everyone naps. In University, when I came to China, I was told that from 1-3 pm I would never be able to hang out with my Chinese friends because this was nap time, of course. You can see evidence of this need for naps everyday in my office, where my Chinese co-teachers are passed out on their desks with their pillows or along the side of the road or in empty parking lots, where drivers are passed out with their feet propped up on the window. We have seen people, who don't have a desk or time to go all the way home, get clever with their napping spots. Road workers are always passed out on pieces of cardboard on benches, in grass, or on the side of the road. We've seen a guy with his head rested on the curb and his feet propped up on his motorcycle. Rarely do I get pictures of all this napping goodness, but lucky for you, I snapped this. Check him out. His head and upper half of his body, which you can't see in the pic, are sprawled out under the bushes, and his legs are just flailed out across the sidewalk. No bed, desk or sofa? No big deal. Just find your local sidewalk, located next to a busy street, with plenty of pedestrians, and pass out. In the States we would assume this guy was completed wasted, dead or a crazy homeless person. But here, that's simply not the case. This guy could have very well been on his walk back from lunch to his very own large business, when he felt the nap wave hit. Just another day in the life.

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Rachel said...

That sounds like a fairly appealing tradition to me. I know when I was a sleep-deprived college student I napped on couches in the library and lounges in various and sundry buildings, never outdoors though!

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