Seek First the Kingdom

You know, we, Zachary and I, have all of these questions. All these questions that cause us worry, anxiety, confusion and fear. "What are we doing?" "What jobs should we have?" "Should we move home and let Zachary knock out seminary?" "When should we start a family?" "When will have a proper savings?" "How do we handle our finances?" "Where should we live?"  The list of questions can go on and on. We feel ourselves filled with this longing for Answers, for Wisdom and for Vision.
We remind each other of the proverb that says, "If you don't have vision, people will perish." Proverbs 29:18
 And we cry out, "Yes! Yes! God. Save us!We have no vision! We will perish!" We call out, like the disciples in a boat during a storm, "Save us Lord! We are perishing."  Matthew 8:25 To which then we hear His gentle voice reply, "Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?"Matthew 8:25 Ah, yes. Faith. Increase our faith Lord.

Today, I asked Him, "Where are we going?"
And I heard Him so clearly say, "To My Kingdom."
To which I replied, ya, ya, okay. But God, "What are we to do?"
 To which He again so clearly spoke, "Seek Me."

Seek Me.  Because He's where it's at. He is life. He is giver. He is love. He is everything and in Him is peace.  And if we "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness" then "all these things will be added" to us.  Matthew 6:33 And, the crazy and totally awesome thing about God is that in His presence, when we are really seeking Him, nothing else really matters and somehow it all falls into place. It all works out. It's all provided for. The answers are given. The fear is removed. And it's just good. Just real good. And not in a "Seek God-get this." kind of way, but in a "Seek God and nothing else compares to Him" kind of way.

And, I forgot that in all my questions and I'm so thankful that He reminded me of that today. To seek Him. To Just lay the questions at His feet and to just seek Him.

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Rachel said...

This IS what He calls us to do...and I know exactly what you mean, sometimes we want Him to be a little more clear about saying "This is what 'seek Me' looks like right here and right now, these are the steps you should take in your life"...but a lot of times you don't get those immediately directions, at least not the minute you want them!

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