A Mustache Party

September 28th was Zachary's 27th birthday and it just so happen that one of our favorite restaurants was having a Viva La Mexico night that day! What better way to celebrate a Texans birthday than with  delicious Mexican food and margaritas? There's no better way. That's the answer. 
Since Justin's birthday was the day before, and they're some of our BFF's, Justin and Catherine came with. 
 And, as a bonus, our awesome new friends, Trent and Angie, were there, too!
 Our night included margaritas, tons of Mexican food, and lots of laughs!
There is something about putting on a mustache that just changes people. With the 'staches on suddenly we were at the front door greeting people as they walked in, dancing with them as they walked by, salsa-ing and speaking in funny accents. Who needs alcohol when you have a mustache?!
 Don't let the margaritas' in hand full you, this was all mustache induced.
"I must say as a woman you put on a mustache and you find out alot of things about yourself." Carrie Brownstein. 
So true Carrie. So true. You know what Catherine and I found out about ourselves? We're heck-a confident & super sexy with mustaches on. These mustaches were a revelation to us! We were super confident to go up and talk to anyone at the restaurant. And we did! Not to mention, it gave us confidence to freeze with creepy looks on every time a couple or man walked by us at the restaurant. Why? Because it was hilarious. And fun! And our own personal inside-joke.


We had such a great time and highly recommend having a mustache theme for your next party! It rocks. :)

I'd love to stick around but I really 'mustache! :)
 will say, as a woman, when yo

t a mustache on, you find out a lot of things about yourself.
Carrie Brownstein
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/mustache.html#kAsRazmRluhKJ3Hg.99

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Rachel said...

Looks like much fun was had! I try to avoid even mentioning the word mustache around my husband, because he really wants one, because he looks really creepy with one (like the bad guy in really old western movies)...I'm trying not to encourage the idea...

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