Don't Look into the Mirror: Chinese Urban Legends

Today, I have another Chinese Urban Legend for you! Or rather The Red Star has another for you. Get ready, because combing your hair at midnight will never be the same for you again. ;)
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"Here's another spooky one, picture this one ladies; it's late at night, you're brushing your hair in front of the mirror, because well face it-you're vain. And as you watch yourself stroke your hair, your mirror self smiles and jumps through the mirror into your mouth and begins to control you. This superistition is based upon another idea that if you comb your hair in front of the mirror at midnight a ghost will possess your body. If the mirror is in front of a window or door, the ghost will enter in through the reflection of the door in the mirror.
Another variation of this myth is that if you peel an apple in front of a mirror at night in one solid piece without breaking it, you can summon a ghost. When the ghost is summoned it will answer any questions you have, but there is usually a downside or something you have to do for it. If you don't do something for the ghost, then maybe it will haunt you forever or try to possess your body. Ghosts are serious loan sharks; you don't want to end up in the pocket of one." -The RedStar October, 2013 issue

People, really, don't peel your apple in front of the mirror at midnight, especially if you're an apple pealing pro. Really. Just don't! Ha! Who does that?! It must be a  common Chinese thing to do, peeling apples in the middle of the night. Also, all you Marsha Brady's out there, if you're going to brush you're hair in front of the mirror, please do it at 11:30, 11:45, 12:15, any time really, other than midnight. Actually, just to be safe, just stay away from mirrors, hair brushes/combs and apples all together. Better safe than sorry. ;)

Again, Abigail, said she grew up being told by her mother and friends to not stand in front of the mirror at midnight, especially not combing her hair.


Rachel said...

interesting...honestly I'm more surprised that such a hobby of midnight apple peeling (with great dexterity) or hairbrushing would be something anyone would do...

ramsaygrace said...

This is good to know. I'll try to limit nightly apple feasts to the kitchen from this point forward. :-) So glad you shared-I just LOVE all your Chinese experiences!

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