3D Art Exhibit

 Have you guys ever been to a 3D art exhibit?! They are so fun! If you have an opportunity to go to one, take it! And bring your camera!
This summer Zachary, his student Ji, and I checked out this art exhibit in Qingao's Olympic Sailing Center museum, where we took heaps and heaps of pictures so get ready for picture overload.``

Zachary is obviously super strong and can hold back doors with T rex's pushing through them, as well as, run through brick walls. He's basically a real life super man.
There was something for everyone, panda & dinosaur feeding, parrot holding and clam sitting. Lots of fun.
This was probably my favorite painting. The road coming out of the frame looked so real. The artist did a great job.
 I'm a little confused about this one.Each 3D picture had an informational sign and picture ideas next to them, so Ji caught the gold, as the picture directed but we still didn't get it. Is he supposed to be catching flaking paint? Gold flaking paint? I was confused.
 Love it. Zachary looks like a monkey scratching his head. Cute.
 Ji and Zachary were such good sports. They had a lot of fun posing together.
 My hero.
 Zachary running through the bamboo.

Fun, right? Hope you get a chance to go! Lata friends. xoxo

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