Freedom in Blogging

For awhile now, I've thought about starting a new blog. A place where I can write about what really fills my heart, what fills my mind and really fills our life. I've alluded to blogging about "real" stuff and even blogged some about what's on my heart. But I thought I needed a place where I could really do that. A place where readers who enjoy the fun easy going posts with pictures wouldn't be turned off by a wordy post about other stuff, like God's love, or what's He's doing in Zachary and I's life.

 But you know what, I've changed my mind. This is "The Mosbys in China" and this is a blog about us. About who we, The Mosbys, are and our life as we live it.

I haven't been blogging much lately for a few reasons.

1. Because I've been super busy.
2. Because I've been a little discouraged. Discouraged to see blogs that were the same size as mine 6 months ago grow to 3 times my blogs size, and my growth slow to just inching along.
3. Because my heart hasn't been in it. I want to talk about other things. I want to ponder and reflect and get serious. And I just need more of that lately.

This blog has been so encouraging to me. It's been a place I can just enjoy. I've said it over and over again that God really has used it to change me. I'm more light hearted, more fun and less serious, now. I seem to have a renewed joy for life since starting this blog.And I don't want to loose that by limiting myself to what I can write on this space on the inter webs I get to call my own. And I don't want Zachary to be discouraged in sharing on this blog, this space he used to call his own, too.

I want "The Mosbys in China" to reflect who we are as whole people.

I'm going to start blogging in freedom. Not thinking about how many followers I have or what people might think. I just want to write. And be Heather. And let Zachary be Zachary.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you this reader but I guess I just thought you should know. :)
So thankful for you Reader. 


Amanda @ Living in Another Language said...

Being honest with yourself while blogging is the best thing dear! Honestly I LOVE reading your posts! I can't wait to see what you have coming up!

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

Catherine said...

Awww... Yay!!! xo

Rachel said...

Blogging about what you're passionate about is the best kind of blogging, I think!

minttu said...

I'm excited about your post. I'm so bored with blog that are only trying to gain more readers and the posts take 20 seconds tops to read.

P.S I'm a newish follower so I don't know much about you. I'd like to challenge you to write about topic number 6 from: http://iammrsk.blogspot.fi/p/a-blog-challenge.html


Stephanie Wilson said...

Try not to get discouraged !! I feel that way too sometimes but I just decided to enjoy my blog and blog for my own enjoyment and for the people I know follow me and just believe in time I will find more followers and grow my blog like I want to !! The great part is meeting other fun and interesting bloggers like you and just enjoy myself, so just have fun and the rest will come in time !!!

Lindsay said...

This makes me happy -- to know you'll be blogging from your heart! The best kind of blogging, I think. I'll be here reading along. <3

Beka said...

Such an honest post. I understand sometimes it is hard to write down and hit 'publish' regarding everything God is doing in your life. I'm looking forward to hearing all about what you share.

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