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Since being in Qingdao we have been apart of 4 baptisms.  I must say, there is just something extraordinary in Baptism. Watching someone you love, proclaim, "I love Jesus!!!" or watching them come up from the water sobbing tears of joy, has this way of provoking your own tears, and giving you that ache of longing in the deep of your heart for more of Jesus. It reminds you of how very good He is & takes you back to those early days when you first started loving that wild, crazy, loving God-man, Lord of Lord, Jesus. And it makes you excited because it causes you to remember that following Him and trusting in Him is rich and awesome, often times hard, but oh so rich. Seeing the past 3 baptisms in the ocean, has reminded me of how powerful and beautiful He is. It weirdly comforts me, as I look across the expanse of this massive giant body of water it reminds me of how Big God is. And know that my God, in whom I trust, who is more powerful than any ocean, holds my life in His hands. 
I'm held. We are held. We have been rescued, redeemed. We're so very,very loved.

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Rachel said...

I loved the way you described watching new believers experience baptism. That brings such a feeling of joy!

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