Zombie Takeover

Have you guys checked out PicMonkey, yet? 
If not, you're missing out. 
It's unbelievable easy to edit photos, add text and even do some other fun stuff!
Like make yourself into a  Zombie.  If you are interested in doing that sort of thing. 

Halloween in China is pretty uneventful. 
I had fun telling my kids about Halloween in class today. 
I drew kids in costumes on the board, houses decorated for Halloween and acted out knocking on each door and saying, "Trick or Treat!" They LOVED it! 

Seeing their eyes light up reminded me why I like Halloween so much.
I went trick or treating all the way through High school! I refused to give it up. 
Let's be clear. ;p
Not in one of those, "I'm a strange highschooler that still acts like a kid" kind of way, but the "I'm so cool-I don't care" way. 

I just loved the ambiance of it all. 
Costumes. Decorations. Candy. 
All the hooplah.

We really wanted to have a Halloween party, but with our Game Night, a Harvest Party this coming weekend and a going away party last weekend, we had no time to really invest in making an awesome Halloween party. 
Maybe next year!? 

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! 
Eat an Almond Joy for me. 
Man,  I miss those!


Ruthie Hart said...

OMG you look amazing!!!! Kick butt girl! And I need to make a mental note to not move to China because Jon would DIE not celebrating Halloween!!!! hahhha

Brooke Houston said...

I could spend all day on that site! WOW!

Catherine said...

Great job ~ Makes mine look like child's play!
hahaha ;)


rachel said...

Great costumes!!! How long did it take you to put them together....Love you and Miss you, Grandma

P.S. We need your mailing address ;o)

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